You’ve entered the ad-tech game to bring in real dollars for your app company. You scratch your head to set up the right combination of ad networks and mediation platforms. Actually, planning this mix is a critical step to help you generate quality traffic, get a good fill rate, maximize your eCPM and meet your revenue goals.

After spending a fair amount of time planning you believe you have a winning combination of connections that will perform at a high level. However, you need to make sure that your monetization engine is working properly.

Here is where Libring can help you. We’ve added a special feature to our online Monetization Performance Management solution to give you the ability to compare the performance among partners. Audit provides a fully transparent snapshot of comparable metrics. Once you know the sources of your best performance you will be able to make better decisions.



See how Libring’s new feature can help you avoid revenue leakage:


1. Audit metrics between a mediation platform and ad networks

A mediation platform helps you spread your traffic over a larger group of ad networks. In some cases the metrics presented on the mediation platform report may differ from the ones you see on the reports that the ad networks release.

Direct comparison of reports will enable you to (1) recognize variations between metrics such as impressions, requests, eCPM or fill rate and (2) identify the source of discrepancies. This will allow you to quickly make the necessary adjustments to improve performance.

2. Compare two networks you’d like to evaluate

Direct comparison between two ad networks will enable you to:

  • Do a quick A/B test;
  • Set up and test the best price for your ad inventory and
  • Set up the order of your ad networks in the waterfall configuration for better results.

You can filter dimensions, metrics or time to customize the results of the audit tool. You can also watch a video of the process here.

Here at Libring we work hard to save you time and headaches. Get started on your path to a smarter monetization strategy. Contact us today to learn how we can help you or to request a free trial at