Aggregate Your Ad Revenue Instantly!

Forward-thinking publishers use Libring to save time and headaches, and get meaningful and comparative insights across reports. 



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Aggregate Your Ad Revenue Instantly!

Forward-thinking publishers use Libring to save time, and get meaningful and comparative insights across reports. 



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Libring SaaS solution helps you get the most out of your ad tech reports

Libring deeply understands the unique challenges you face to aggregate your partners’ reports. Our solution automatically collects, aggregates and normalizes data coming from your entire ad tech stack. We give you one place to see the complete picture of your monetization performance and get access to insights, faster!


Easily add all the partners you use: ad networks, mediation, analytics, attribution and user acquisition platforms. 


Create rules for data normalization and organize your reports according to your naming conventions. 


See data at different levels of granularity, and create ad hoc reports on the fly to rock your analytics process.

Libring integrates with all your ad tech partners!

Limited insights lead to costly missed opportunities. No matter which connection you choose, Libring centralizes data coming from all your partners. We have more than 300 connectors already integrated and keep adding more. 


It’s all about visibility!

Gain insights into your monetization performance, faster. Libring gives you full visibility, transparency, and accurate data to help you make better decisions.


Just add your partners’ credentials and your data starts rolling in to be displayed on a single dashboard. No SDK needed.


See what you want whenever you want.  Understand what is working and what isn’t in a flash!


Get trustworthy data daily to monitor the health of your business and make informed decisions.


Track what really matters. Our flexible mapping allows you to select which fields you want to monitor from each partner.


Get the level of granularity you need into your reporting with our powerful online Pivot Table and speed up your analysis.

Libring helps you drive better results

We roll back data to capture ad networks’ historical updates, consistently split revenue by up to 15 dimensions, provide a rule based system for normalization, and display your metrics on effective dashboards.

We make exporting and sharing reports a breeze. Pull your data with Libring Reporting API or push it into Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Don’t take our word for it. Read here what our customers are saying about us.

“Libring is a core service on our marketing analytic stack. They save a significant amount of time and money by helping us importing and analyzing data. Libring allows us to focus on making Reddit the best place for our users instead. The team is reliable and very easy to work with.”

Spiros Christakopoulos

Director of Marketing, Reddit

“Libring’s UI/UX is a joy to use and has made performance data more accessible and digestible across a variety of teams at SEGA. The pivot table allows us to easily dig into trends and data discrepancies, and helps with waterfall optimization.”

Mike Evans


“Libring integrates with all the networks and stores we use, consistently splits revenue by all dimensions, provides a rule based system for normalizing the data, and has effective dashboards and clean API access to manipulate the data as we see fit. Libring gets the job done in style and we love them.

Camilo Fitzgerald

Game Analyst, Futureplay Games

“With Libring, it just takes me 30 seconds to have all my metrics ready for analysis. The tool empowered me to add more networks to my stack and to set up a customized mediation solution that helped us to instantly grow our results by 40%.”

Cesar Mufarej

Co-founder, Fanatee Games

“Libring gave us the ability to increase significantly our ARPDAU and our total revenue from Q1 2017 to Q1 2018. We’ve also increased our CPMs beyond expectations. Aside from dealing with a very helpful team that is willing to adapt the tool to our needs. We really like working with them!”


Head of Monetization and UA, Webedia

“We’ve been using Libring to pull data from all our advertising partners and by far it has been the best revenue aggregation platform I’ve worked with. On top of that, the Libring team is extremely helpful.”


Harrisson Botwick

Head of Ad Revenue, Lucky Day App

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