Automated Ad Monetization Reporting

Libring automatically aggregates and organizes all your ad revenue and spend data in one place, helps you understand monetization performance and maximize revenue.
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Automated Ad Monetization Reporting

Libring ad monetization reporting solution automatically aggregates and organizes all your ad revenue and spend data in one place.
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Ad Monetization Reporting

The only solution you’ll ever need to get the most out of your ad monetization reporting data

Libring deeply understands the unique challenges you face to aggregate ad reports. Whether it’s maintaining partners APIs or checking and validating all the data that pours out of your stack. We automatically organize your ad revenue, IAP and spend data in one place to give you the complete picture of your performance.


We aggregate data from all the partners you use: ad networks, mediation, analytics, attribution and user acquisition platforms.


Our rule based system for data normalization helps you organize your data in a smarter and more strategic way.


Easily run bespoke cuts of data at the most granular level. Speed up your analysis and act faster to increase results.

Libring collects data from all the partners you use!

Limited insights lead to costly missed opportunities. Libring automatically collects and organizes daily data from more than 250 connections and gives you full visibility of your monetization performance in one place.
It’s all about visibility!
Libring is a cloud-based solution designed to give publishers visibility, accuracy and transparency into their reporting data. Empower yourself to take action in order to increase revenue.


Quickly add your partners’ credentials and see your data start rolling into the platform. No SDK needed.


See what you want whenever you want it, instantly! Understand what is working and what isn’t.


Get consistent data daily to monitor the health of your business and make informed decision in order to boost performance.


Our custom mapping structure allows you to select which fields you want to monitor from each partner. This way, you see only what matters.


Stay on top of your performance by going as granular as you want. Speed up your analysis to act faster and increase results.

Libring helps you drive better results

We roll back data to capture ad networks’ historical updates, consistently split revenue by all dimensions, provide a rule based system for data normalization, organize your metrics on effective dashboards and give you the flexibility to retrieve your data from our Reporting API.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Don’t take our word for it. Read here what are customers are saying about us.
“Libring keeps all of our revenue in one place so we can quickly analyze trends and determine which of our partners are providing the most value. We also use Libring  to look out for dramatic shifts that could mean a bug or a partner changing their fill rate which we need to be on top of.” Jeb Balise

GM of Crosswords With Friends, Zynga

“With Libring, it just takes me 30 seconds to have all my metrics ready for analysis. The tool empowered me to add more networks to my stack and to set up a customized mediation solution that helped us to instantly grow our results by 40%.” Cesar Mufarej

Co-founder, Fanatee Games

“Libring’s UI/UX is a joy to use and has made performance data more accessible and digestible across a variety of teams at SEGA. The pivot table allows us to easily dig into trends and data discrepancies, and helps with waterfall optimization.” Mike Evans


“Libring integrates with all the networks and stores we use, consistently splits revenue by all dimensions, provides a rule based system for normalizing the data, and has effective dashboards and clean API access to manipulate the data as we see fit. Libring gets the job done in style and we love them.” Camilo Fitzgerald

Game Analyst, Futureplay Games

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