Automated Ad Reporting Tool For Digital Publishers

Libring is flexible, customizable and accurate. Our automated ad reporting tool gives you full visibility of your monetization performance in one place and empowers you to make better decisions to maximize revenue.

Optimize your monetization stack with Libring Ad Reporting Tool

Libring deeply understands the unique challenges you face when it comes to aggregate all your ad reporting data. We automatically collect and organize all your ad revenue, in-app purchase and spend data and empower you to make the right decisions to drive more revenue.

Connect All your Partners

Easily add all the partners you choose to the Libring platform and see your metrics organized in effective dashboards instantly!

Automated Normalization

Our rule based system for data normalization helps you organize your data in a smarter and more strategic way.

Actionable Reports

Build customized reports on the fly. Drag and drop metrics within our online Pivot Table to get insights from granular data.

Flexible Mapping

Our custom mapping capabilities allow you to select which fields you want to track from each partner. See only what matters to you!

Easy Data Export

Retrieve and export your data in real time via Libring Reporting API, data push or CSV file. Easily share reports with others.

Data Discrepancies Radar

Compare results between a mediation platform and the ad network that goes through it in order to detect discrepancies.

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