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Connect all your partners to Libring and see your ad revenue, IAP and cost data organized, instantly. Fast set up, without developers.

Get the most out of your reports

We automatically aggregate and normalize all your ad revenue, IAP and cost data in one place. Gain full visibility of your app or website performance at any level of granularity. Trusted by top publishers around the globe.


“Libring is a core service on our marketing analytic stack. They save a significant amount of time and money by helping us importing and analyzing data. Libring allows us to focus on making Reddit the best place for our users instead. Moreover the team is reliable and very easy to work with.”

Spiros Christakopoulos

Director of Marketing, Reddit

Save Time and Money

Libring takes the burden of aggregating and normalizing data off your shoulders. See your metrics organized in effective dashboards, immediately. Start focusing on what really matters: gaining actionable insights to help achieve your growth goals.


Add All Your Connections

Libring understands the challenges you face to aggregate data coming from all your partners. We make things easier by automatically collecting and organizing all your reports in one place to help you understand performance fast.

Libring integrates with all the networks and stores we use, consistently splits revenue by all dimensions, provides a rule based system for normalizing the data, and has effective dashboards and clean API access to manipulate the data as we see fit. Libring gets the job done in style and we love them.”

Camilo Fitzgerald

Game Analyst, Futureplay

“With Libring, it just takes me 30 seconds to have all my metrics ready for analysis. The tool empowered me to add more networks to my stack and to set up a customized mediation solution that helped us to instantly grow our results by 40%.”

Cesar Mufarej

Co-founder, Fanatee

See All Your Data Organized

Speed up your analysis by creating rules for data normalization to keep your reports organized according to your naming conventions. No more having to worry about misplaced line items!

Build Actionable Reports

Customize the mapping of each partner by selecting the fields that are most important to you. Build customized reports on the fly and share data whenever, and with whomever, you want. Export in any way you see fit, via CSV file, email, pushing your data to Google Big Query, Amazon S3, and more!

“Libring’s UI/UX is a joy to use and has made performance data more accessible and digestible across a variety of teams at SEGA. The pivot table allows us to easily dig into trends and data discrepancies, and helps with waterfall optimization.“

Mike Evans


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