Ad Revenue Reporting

See All Your Ad Revenue Organized In One Place

Streamline your monetization process with quick, easy and customizable reports. Libring automates ad revenue reporting data collection so you can see what is working and what isn’t, instantly!

Ad Revenue Reporting

Get the most out of your ad revenue reporting data

We’ve integrated with hundreds of Ad Newtorks, SSPs, Exchanges, User Acquisition and Analytics platforms so you can easily add all the partners you use to the Libring Platform.  Our Solution offers:

Aggregated Ad Revenue Data

One-click integration. Easily add all the partners you use and see your metrics organized on effective dashboards, instantly!

Rule Based Data Normalization

Our rule based system for data normalization helps you organize your data in a smarter and more strategic way.

Actionable Reports

Build customized reports on the fly. Drag and drop metrics on our online Pivot Table to get insights from granular data analysis.

Flexible Mapping

Our custom mapping capabilities allow you to select which fields you want to track from each partner. See only what matters to you!

Easy Data Export

Retrieve and export your data in real time via Libring Reporting API, data push and CSV file. Easily share reports.

Data Discrepancies Radar

Easily compare results between a mediation platform and an ad network that goes through it.

No More Spreadsheets!

Libring is your one-stop source for reporting management. Add connections in a flash, build customizable reports on the fly, easily export and share data across your organization and third-parties .

Powerful, flexible and fully customizable, the solution requires no SQL experience, and leverages your ability to react and fine tune your strategy faster.

Drive better results!

Our cloud-based solution gives visibility, accuracy and transparency into your reporting data and empowers you to take action in order to increase revenue.

When you automate your reporting with Libring, you get consistent data daily to analyze the health of your business. Increase the frequency of your analysis and make data-driven decisions to grow with data you can trust.

Connect your Entire Stack to the Libring Platform!

Limited insights lead to missed business opportunities. Libring integrates with all the connections you use to give you full visibility of your monetization and user acquisition efforts in one place.

Our Case Studies

Leading companies around the world use Libring to automate reporting.  Learn how we help our customers stay on top of their performance and grow their revenue.

Futureplay Games

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