Get quick and easy access to your data via Libring API

We give you a single API to retrieve all your data. With Libring, your metrics are easily accessible via User Interface or via RESTful API.

All the key metrics for Ad Revenue (Requests, Impressions, Fill Rate, Clicks, CTR, Ad Revenue, eCPM…) and for In-App Purchases (Downloads, Returns, Unique Users, Sessions, IAP…)  are dynamically segmented and categorized by Network, Application, Platform, Ad Type, Ad Format and Country.

Libring RESTful API has three main methods:

Tokens API Aggregation 

Tokens are a unique string of code required to access Libring API.

The calls require an Authorization Token to validate user’s permissions. It has access to call any method, send data to and request data from Libring API.

Tokens can be used with: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Javascript, Java, C, C++, Objective C, and more.

To get your API Token just follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to Libring Edge 
  • Sign in
  • Create or Select an Organization API Aggregation
  • Go to menu Edit Organization, tab Libring API Settings
  • Copy token provided or generate a new one


Libring API works with REST requests. This provides more scalability and performance. All requests must be made over HTTPS connection.


Total of 3 consecutive threads (each 2 seconds free a new threads) – 5.000 requests per day – 1 call at a time Current API version


Libring has 200+ Connections integrated to its platform. See the list here.