Get AppNexus data with Libring in seconds.

No installation needed!

Libring deeply understands the unique challenges digital publishers face to collect, organize and analyze the vast amount of data coming from their ad tech stack. We automatically aggregate and normalize data from all the connections you use in one place. We save you time, help you understand performance and maximize results.

AppNexus optimizes programmatic online advertising through their cloud based software platform. Adding AppNexus connector to Libring is easy. You just need to enter your credentials and we will immediately start collecting the last 30 days of data. See your metrics organized in an efficient dashboard, instantly!

The data coming from AppNexus API is:

Dimension Metric
Publisher Name Impressions Total
Publisher ID Imps Sold
Publisher Code Imps Default
Pub rule Name Imps Blank
Seller Member ID Imps PSA
Country Imps Default Error
Size Imps Default Bidder
Placement ID Imps Kept
Placement Name Imps Resold
Placement Code Imps RTB
Deal ID Imps Filled
Deal Name External Impressions
Deal Code External Clicks
Brand ID Clicks
Brand Name Publisher Revenue
Supply Type Publisher Filled Revenue
Imp Type ID Publisher Default Revenue
Imp Type Total Conversions
Media Type Imps Viewed
Adjustment ID View Measured Impressions
Site ID Imp Requests
Site Name Revenue
Venue Revenue Including Fees
Media Type ID Booked Revenue
Entity Member ID Reseller Revenue
Buyer Member ID Profit
Buyer Member Name Profit Including Fees
Seller Member ID Post Clicks Conversions
Seller Member Name Post Click Revenue
Advertiser ID Post View Conversions
Advertiser Name Post View Revenue
Advertiser Code Impressions Master Creative
Adjustment ID Impressions Filtered
Pub Rule ID Ad Requests
Pub Rule Name Ad Responses
Pub Rule Code Network Revenue
Site Code
Pixel ID
Insertion Order ID
Insertion Order Name
Insertion Order Code
Insertion Order Type
Insertion Order State
Line Item ID
Line Item Name
Line Item Code
Line Item Type
Line Item Status
Line Item Start Date
Line Item End Date
Type for Line Item
Sales Rep for Line Item
Trafficker for Line Item
Campaign ID
Campaign Name
Campaign Code
Campaign Priority
Creative ID
Creative Name
Creative Code
Bid Type
Buyer Type
Seller Type
Revenue Type
Revenue Type ID
Payment Type
Advertiser Type
Imps Filtered Reason ID
Imps Filtered Reason
Marketplace Clearing Event ID
Marketplace Clearing Event Name
Marketplace Clearing Event
Publisher Name
Tag ID
Publisher Currency
Browser ID
Browser Name
Connection Type
Device Make ID
Device Make Name
Device Model ID
Device Model Name
Device Type
Insertions Order ID
Operating System
Family ID
Operating System Family
Operating System ID
Operating System Name