Connect Appodeal to the Libring Platform and quickly see all your ad reporting data organized and broken down by ad network

Libring deeply understands the unique challenges digital publishers face when it comes to aggregating, organizing, and analyzing the vast amount of data that pours out of their entire stack.

With Libring, you get full visibility of your monetization performance and you can easily detect data discrepancies by comparing any metric reported by a mediation platform against the same metric reported by an ad network.

To connect Appodeal to our platform, just enter your credentials. We will instantly start collecting the last 30 days of data and display your metrics on our efficient dashboard.

The data available for our Appodeal Connector is:

App KeyRequests
App NameFills
Country CodeImpressions
Ad TypeClicks

With Libring, publishers can:

  • Connect their entire stack to the platform
  • Get their metrics ready for analysis in seconds
  • Easily run cuts of data that matter to their business
  • Extract their data normalized with a Single API call

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