We are happy to announce that we’ve just released a new version of Libring Edge. Our talented-engineered team worked hard to redesign the platform structure to speed up its overall performance, make the user interface interactions even faster and provide a more robust data collection process. We are proud of the result and truly hope you enjoy this new release. Here’s what’s new as of the start of 2017:

Now, we are more than just monetization!


In our latest version, we’ve introduced an Acquisition module. So besides aggregating all your ad revenue reporting data, Libring also helps you to quickly collect, measure and optimize your mobile user acquisition strategy.

Our new Acquisition module has added over 40 new connections to our platform and we have expanded the number of dimensions to include all the relevant UA metrics to the Report Center, Pivot Table and Daily Summary tools.

We won’t stop there. We’ll be soon adding a Retention Module to help you collect attribution data and quickly see the metrics for app retention too! At Libring we are working hard to enable you to have the big picture of your app business all-in-one place.

In our new version the normalization feature comes now with 14 dimensions with a total of 4 custom columns. The goal is to allow for a more detailed and specific naming conventions for the line-items. What could be better?

Perhaps the Alias that can now be applied faster as well. We’ve redesigned the Normalization page so that all changes one does online are saved immediately. This allows for multiple users within the same company to view said changes in real time. Also, the rules to set your naming convention automatically can now be reorder by dragging and dropping them. You can also ensure this is correct by just activating them online. Now that is cool!

Partner Management has been enhanced and moved to our Normalization page. This tool can now be used similarly to the aliases for line items. Bulk items can also be done through partner management now

And there is even more coming soon!

Keep an eye out for Waterfall Configuration –  as you’ll be able to automate your waterfall configuration to Mediation platforms straight from Libring – User Retention Analysis to understand lifetime value and Attribution Partner Integration that are all coming to the Libring Edge Platform shortly.


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