Collecting ad reports from multiple ad networks and app stores can be a complex task to manage. Not only does it take a lot of time to put together revenue reports in different formats but there is also an inaccuracy risk associated. On top of that the hassle of updating APIs is a nightmare that sucks your energy! I

It turns out that on the F2P dominant monetization model, app developers need to concentrate on creating great apps and thinking strategically to identify revenue opportunities. So spending part of their precious time collecting and organizing data doesn’t seem wise.

Our Ad Data Aggregation Solution Has You Covered

Libring aggregates and normalizes your ad data to give you the complete picture of the performance of your ad networks and UA campaigns. Besides, we are constantly introducing new features  – The Fixed CPM and Fixed CVM being our most recent addition – to save you time. After all, you need to concentrate on building great apps and optimizing your monetization strategy!

Getting the data into the Libring platform is easy and fast. All you need to do is enter your ad network credentials and we start collecting  ad data from all your partners automatically. You’ll then be able to see all your metrics organized on the Report Center. You can also track the performance of your app broken out by any metric and dimension so you can make data–driven decisions at the most granular level. Just drag-and-drop the data you’d like to analyze to the online Pivot Table and create customized reports.

Our Alerts feature helps you to quickly detect any variation on your results. You just need to define the event that will trigger an alert. You also have the option to get notifications by e-mail every time a metric meets a specific condition.

Identifying revenue leakage is also a simple task within the Libring solution. The Audit tool allows you to compare the performance between two ad networks or between ad network and ad mediator. Libring also enables you to track the performance of your app by country. The Geo feature makes it easy to adjust your strategy based on the local performance of your apps.

Libring API gives you quick access to all your data

To retrieve your data reports you can now use the Libring API. Our API allows you to have access to all your metrics organized via REST API and easily track all your events to understand how they influence monetization. There is a broad list of topics we carefully manage to ensure a robust data collection process. Updating APIs automatically is just one of them. You can find out more here!

Here at Libring, we want you to make the best out of your business. Having the right tools to give you control of your monetization performance is a critical step to growth. Want to know more about us? Log onto our website and request a demo today.

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