I’m sure you’ve heard industry leaders talking about it before: ad hoc reporting. But what is it? Why is it so important? Well, take a seat friend, and I’ll tell you.


What is Ad Hoc Reporting?


Basically, reports that are quickly and easily created when you need them and help you speed up the analysis of your data. Ad hoc reporting allows you to customize a report without all the background noise. You just run the cuts of data that really matter to your business and create interactive reports to fit to your needs in seconds. And what’s best: no need to learn how to integrate a data source or how to create database queries. Game changer!


Why is this important?


We’ve all been there. You log into your ad reporting aggregation system and see thousands , if not millions, of records with different metrics and dimensions sitting there waiting for you to sift through them. I can just see the hands on the clock slowing down, this is going to take a while.

As a digital publisher, you don’t have time to be sifting through this ocean of data to find the information you need. That valuable time could be spent in strategizing and translating data into actionable goals to boost your app or site performance!

Saving time might be the biggest reason ad hoc reporting is important, but it isn’t the only one. It helps improve your team’s effciency as it:

1. Enables information sharing

Chances are, you aren’t the only person in your organization who needs to track the performance of your app or website. What is great about these reporting tools is that you can create a report and easily share it with your team. With everyone in the organization having quick access to data you get the silos out of your way!

What if the reports you’ve created could even be automatically shared with everyone in the team daily without you touching anything?  Take the ease of ad hoc reporting a step further by scheduling your reports to be sent to you at specific times. This way, you save even more time by not having to log into your reporting tool every day to create reports.


2. Helps you make the right decisions

No good decision can be made when your data looks messy. Being able to generate customized reports and slice/dice your KPIs on the fly not only saves you time but allows you to quickly analyze trends, determine which data sources are providing you the most value and make informed decisions to drive revenue. It will definitely empower your team to be the best it can be. No more costly missed opportunities!


3. Allows you to keep the pace with ever-changing online ecosystem

Not only can day to day operations see shifts and changes, but your overall online environment is constantly changing as well. The KPIs you are focusing on today may not be the same ones you are focusing on in a month or so.  Having an ad hoc reporting system allows you to change your reports based on your ever-changing needs.


Sounds great! How do I get started?


Libring Feature - Pivot TableRight here, my friend! When it comes to finding a tool to help you create these fancy ad hoc reports, it can be like trying to find the unicorn in a forest filled with horses. I’ll give you a hint: Libring is that unicorn.

Here at Libring, we offer different features to help you not only generate your ad hoc reports easily and fast but also collect, normalize and organize all your data.

It’s extremely easy to use and set up. Our solution provides publishers visibility, transparency and accuracy to your reporting data. You simply add your different partners and the system will automatically start collecting your data. You can then navigate through our different features (such as intelligent  Normalization, the online Pivot Table, or CPM Optimizer) that we have made specifically for you to customize any report you may need. And the best part? No SQL skills required, and no SDKs needed!

You can even save and schedule times for your reports to be sent out! That way you can sit back, relax, and let Libring do all the heavy lifting for you.

Ready to start creating your own ad hoc reports? Request a free 7 day trial by going to this link.