When it comes to ad monetization reporting there are a number of solutions out there you have to choose from. In our (somewhat bias) opinion, Libring’s platform has everything publishers need to streamline the aggregation process of their ad and IAP monetization reports and help them stay on top of their performance.

Libring offers an all-in-one automated data collection and normalization solution tailor made for digital and mobile publishers. Our platform aggregates data from all the connections you use so you can visualize your overall performance in one place.

We liberate you from a time-consuming and tedious task. We save you the hassle of manually pulling ad reports and maintaining your partners API. Imagine never having to bother about checking, validating and cross-referencing your ad reporting data again!  With Libring you get consistent data daily to make informed decisions so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters: creating and updating awesome apps!

We know that not all ad reporting aggregation solutions are the same, so we are here to explain to you why the Libring Platform is different.

“Maintaining, collecting and normalizing revenue and spend data from tens of network/store APIs would be a full time job. Libring takes care of this in a highly robust, accessible and customizable fashion.” – Camilo Fitzgerald, Futureplay Games


1. Custom Mapping

With Libring, you have the option of selecting the metrics and dimensions you want to track from each of your connections. By customizing your own mapping field, you can ensure that you only see the data that is important to you and stop being distracted by everything else.


2. Customize reports to your heart’s content

After you have added your connections to the platform, Libring automatically starts collecting the last 30 days of data, and more: we make adjustments automatically to reflect any historical update from an ad network in your reports. So no more updates on your side!

Creating customized reports is a piece of the cake within the Libring Platform. Our online Pivot Table enables you to run reports as granular as you need them. If your boss calls wanting to see how a specific app is doing in Canada, you can give it to them! Just drag and drop the metrics and dimensions into the table and have everything laid out for you in a few seconds.


3. Stay on top of your apps performance

What if your app is underperforming? With Libring, you can set up alerts to notify you via email if a metric meets a specific condition. We know that to stay on top of your performance you need to be able react faster, so we keep you updated on your apps performance.


4. Detect Data Discrepancies

Our Audit feature makes it easy for you to compare metrics between two ad networks. Or to spot any revenue leakage and impressions discrepancies between a mediation platform and an ad network that goes through it.


“Libring keeps all of our revenue in one place so we can quickly analyze the trends from our various ad partners and determine which of our partners are providing the most value to our company.”  – Jeb Balise, PuzzleSocial


 5. Easy exports and data push for flexibility

With Libring, it is easy to export your data as well. Whether you want to download it, send it via email, retrieve it via API, or set up a data push for your data to automatically be sent to Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3. It’s your call!


6. Choose who you want to share information with and what information you want to tell. Plus we keep your data private.

The platform also makes it easy to pick and choose who sees your information. We give publishers the option to add individual accounts for their business partners and ensure they see only the data behind the designated apps.

Keeping your information private is crucial for the Libring team. Which is why we don’t use your data for market research reports. This is how you can tell that we put our clients first.


“[Libring] actively report on timeout errors so our engineers can spend more time focusing on creating great games.” – Mike Evans, SEGA


7. Nail your Ad Monetization Reporting with Libring. We’re always there for you.

We prevent you from feeling the frustration of not knowing if your data has been collected. Our Connections Status API updates you on real time about the status of your data collection.

It goes both ways too, if you have any issue with the platform or have a problem occur the Libring team is here to answer any questions or troubleshoot any problem.

 “Libring gets the job done in style and we love them” – Camilo Fitzgerald


Libring deeply understands the unique challenges online and mobile publishers face when it comes to aggregating, organizing, and analyzing the vast amount of data that pours out of their entire stack. We are committed to simplifying your life with the perfect ad reporting data aggregation solution for your business.

Visit libring.com today to see more about what Libring can do and schedule a free demo!