There are lots of different factors that come into play while monetizing your F2P mobile apps. We know the data collection of your Ad Network Revenue Reporting is a critical topic around this subject. This is why we decided to answer a few questions we frequently receive and get you covered on how easy and fast it’s to get started with Libring.




How do I get started with Libring?

We give you a full feature trial so you can experience the real value of our platform. It’s an easy and fast 3-step process:

1. Add ALL your ad networks and app stores. You just need to enter your credentials and we will start collecting and organizing your data automatically;

2. Gain insights by viewing all your app and game metrics in one single place. Libring enables you to handle the data as you see fit: slice and dice it, create customized reports, audit networks, see how your apps perform globally or per region you define and set up alerts to make informed decisions;

3. Maximize your results with Libring optimization algorithms. We will help you to find what your optimal CPM should be and to identify areas where you leave money on the table.

What ad networks do you pull from?

We support over 300 ad networks, app stores, analytics and user acquisition platforms. But If we still don’t have an ad network you work with integrated, we will be happy to add it!

Do you pull data from app stores?

Yes, we collect from all the major stores (App Store, Facebook, Google Play, Amazon, etc.) so that you can receive a complete view of all your monetization revenue sources.

Do you collect data from other sources?

Yes, we are able to collect data about user activity and allow you to introduce data from Tapjoy, Mixed Panel, Game Analytics, Google Analytics and Amazon to compare them against your revenue.

How often do you retrieve data?

When you first create a connection, we immediately start collecting data and pull it at least once a day from each source. We do this so you can be sure your data is always 100% accurate and up to date!

What type of history do you keep?

We give you the option to store your historical data based on your business requirements. Need to store 2 years of data? You got it! You need just 1 month? No problem. It’s your call!

How does Libring make my data available?

We provide a number of tools for showing your data summary in the report center. We have a customizable Pivot Table so you can compare revenue in any way, shape or form. You can also audit mediation platforms and get alerts and notifications based on trends. The optimization tool enables you to see your effective CPM (eCPM) and make important decisions based on all the information given! All the reports are easy to export into Excel and all the data is made available via API.

How does Libring manage my data?

We take care of every detail to ensure that your data is clean and accurate. We easily connect to ALL your partners and manage every detail so you can get timely and organized access to your data. Information from ad networks also adjusts data all the time. We make sure to recollect data from multiple points in time to make sure you get the cleanest report possible.


At Libring we work hard to ensure that you can get timely and organized access to your all your ad network revenue reporting data. We make all the information you need to make important business decisions quickly available. Request a demo today to get started on your path to a better monetization strategy!


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