Libring collects and aggregates all your ad revenue and ad spend in one place. So you can easily have a holistic view of the performance of your apps and games.

Libring is an ad revenue reporting aggregator used by leading app and game companies around the world.

It integrates with all your partners: ad networks, app stores, ad mediation, analytics, user acquisition and attribution platforms. All this in order to provide you the complete picture of your monetization, acquisition and retention performance in one place.

Our solution is composed of a collection of connectors that automatically pulls data from all your sources. It also processes reports received via email and uploaded as a CSV file. And it provides, as well, an open API that facilitates the streaming of data to the external system.

Smart Data Collection Process

The data collection process runs every hour to acquire daily reports. In addition it extracts the “last 7 days” of data in order to capture the most updated metrics. So it also takes into account when data sources values are adjusted afterwards.

As data flows into Libring, it is parsed to associate the most relevant information available from each source into relevant metrics in a unique standard format. This real time normalization process also separates, filters and correlates the data stream into meaningful and organized groups of dimensions.

The normalization process also runs users’ configured rules to set aliases and organize the name convention of different data values in order to create a common ground for the reporting analysis.

Besides the main reporting data collection, Libring can also generate an “audit data collection” that is used to compare and identify potential discrepancies between mediation devices and their partners. With the partners breakout option activated this new set is associated to the data allowing a one to one comparison with other sources of data flowing through the same mediation device.

Why Libring?

  • Smart Ad revenue reporting aggregator
  • Integrates with all your partners
  • Provides full visibility of the performance of your apps in one place
  • Enables you to easily access, analyze and optimize Ad Ops and UA
  • The normalization process ensures that the data is filtered and correlated into meaningful output to be consumed
  • It’s just one API with all your app and games metrics
  • Trusted by leading App and Game publishers around the world

Stop wasting long hours putting together your report information. Sign up for a demo and try Libring for free



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