Keeping pace with the ever-changing programmatic ecosystem is not for amateurs. In the effort to optimize ad revenue, publishers that rely on programmatic advertising have to manage multiple ad networks, SSPs, DSPs, mediation, attribution and analytic platforms. Working with few networks can limit their chances of maximizing revenue and fill rate.

On top of all that, handling all these partners’ dashboards on a daily basis is a nightmare. You need to collect, aggregate and organize tons of data, spot discrepancies, normalize names, track impressions, CPMs, fill rates, ad units per country, per app, per platform, per partner, deal with different times zones, currencies… The list never ends!

Manually unifying reports across all your connections is time-consuming and open to errors and inaccuracy. However, a unified report is a source for insights, and there is no doubt that it is well worth doing. It is also well worth automating.

If you are not currently using an automated reporting solution you must be pulling your hair out managing Excel spreadsheets with hundreds of tabs. To make things worse: you are likely missing business opportunities and leaving money on the table!

In steps Libring. We deeply understand the unique challenges publishers face to aggregate all the data that pours out of their stack. To help you gain a competitive advantage, we’ve created a customer-centric reporting tool that addresses your major (if not all) pain points.

With Libring, you save a significant amount of time and money, for we provide you with an accurate, integrated and dynamic picture of your app or website performance.

Need more reasons to give Libring’s reporting automation solution a go?
Check out these 10:

1. Add data sources in a flash

Integrating a connection into Libring is a piece of cake. No need to install an SDK. You just log in and add your username and password (some connections may require a token or an API key).

Once you click done, Libring collects the last 30 days of historical data automatically. We can also back up and keep your entire history of data, so you don’t need to spend money with a data warehouse.

We have more than 350 connectors integrated and are always adding more. We even add new connectors for customers free of charge. Now you can test any new ad partners easily! 

2. See only what matters to you with our Flexible Data Mapping

Data is valuable, but if you can’t make sense of it what’s the use? Libring provides a default mapping for each connection. We designed it to account for 99% of publishers’ needs.

Don’t worry, you can always customize! Within the Mapping Settings you have the option to add or change any original fields that the data source makes available. 

3. Automated data normalization

Normalization gives your data consistency and clarity. Libring makes it easy to rename partners, apps, or any dimension you wish to match your naming conventions. This process helps you speed up your time for insights.

With our normalization feature, you can change line item values in bulk and create rules to automate the process so your new data flows into Libring Edge exactly how you want to see it. 

4. Customize reports to your heart’s content

Libring takes cares of your data in a highly robust, accessible and customizable way. Our powerful online Pivot Table allows you to run bespoke cuts of data and create custom reports in seconds in order to extract insights.

Just drag and drop the metrics and dimensions you want to analyze into the dynamic table and see the results quickly displayed for deeper analysis. No SQL skills needed!

5. Spot lost impressions and discrepancies

Technical issues can lead to lost  impressions. With our Audit feature you can easily spot any mismatches between metrics reported by an ad mediation and those reported by an ad network that goes through it. 

6. Track your campaign performance at cohort level

Libring helps you to calculate the real ROI for each UA campaign by synchronizing the amount of ad spent with the correspondent ad revenue per cohort.

You can use Libring as a place to combine the data coming from your user attribution partner and user-level data to connect the dots between user acquisition and monetization. 

7. Understand how much money you are leaving on the table

Libring’s CPM Optimizer helps you maximize ad revenue per partner. Our team of data scientists has created algorithms that learn from your past performance to predict the optimal CPM, so you can use it to define floor prices per ad network and allocate inventory smartly.

8. Easy exports and data push for flexibility

Like everything else Libring does, exporting data is a breeze. Whether you want to download a report, send it via email, retrieve data via our Reporting API, or set up a data push connection for your data to be automatically sent to Google BigQuery or Amazon S3.

9. Choose who you want to share information with and what information you want to tell

Add sub accounts for your business partners and ensure they only see the data behind their designated apps or websites. You can adjust the viewable CPM or revenue for specific sub accounts. You can also opt for a White Label version.

10. A Better Reporting Experience

Shall we count the ways?

    1. We handle different time zones and different currencies automatically.
    2. We automatically reprocess your data to appropriately reflect any adjustment on ad reporting.
    3. We maintain and update APIs for you so you don’t have to.
    4. No SQL skills are required to create custom reports.
    5. No SDK is needed to use Libring.
    6. Generate more reports in less time.
    7. Make better decisions faster.
    8. Keep yourself organized with all your data in one place.
    9. Take control of your time.
    10. We keep your data private.
    11. Libring is 100% compliant with GDPR.

Oh, and one more big one!

Bonus: Trusted by Leading App & Game Companies Around the World!

We proudly serve companies such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sega, Reddit, DeviantArt, Game Insights, Zynga, Tripledot Studios, Next Games, Ilyon and Webedia (just to name a few). Check out what our customers say about us here, you won’t be sorry.

Libring’s report automation solution is tailored to the digital publishers’ business needs. We give you full visibility of all your metrics in one place, immediately, so you can make better decisions faster, optimize strategies and finally maximize revenue. Our mission is to save you time, money, and further simplify the reporting process in order to help you focus on making your app or website the best for your users.

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