In order to have a global reach, app companies end up working with monetization partners from all over the world. Collecting ad revenue reports from these partners can raise issues involving time zones and currencies. It can be tricky to ensure that all the data is adjusted properly to provide you with a clear snapshot of your KPIs. Never fear, Libring is here to help you adjust these ad revenue reports with ease.

Let’s talk time zones

Time zones are all based off a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Every other time zone is either adding or subtracting hours from the world time standard. This is a complex component in the data collection process.

At Libring, we deal with more than 130 worldwide networks generating reports in different time zones and in 180 different currencies. We’ve designed a flexible solution to give our clients an accurate view of their monetization performance, no matter when they access the system nor their time zone. Basically, we make sure to adjust ad revenue reports to match your companies time zone.

What happens when all this data is reported in different currencies?

Well, you are in good hands! Every day we collect the exchange rate information from a recognized source and automatically perform the exchange for each currency. This will enable you to instantly see all your reports, correctly, in one common currency.

Here at Libring we work hard to save you time and headaches. We take care of every detail to help you make better decisions using your data. Making sure we adjust your ad revenue reports accurately to a common time zone and currency are just two of the many ways we help our customers have an easier and faster monetization experience.

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