If you are a digital publisher you probably manage multiple partners to monetize your apps or website. With so much data coming from your stack you want to ensure you have control over it. Having quick and easy access to your reporting data has an effect in your ability to act fast. That’s where a solution to automate ad monetization reporting comes in handy, and here’s why:

1. It’s All Automated

Automated ad monetization reporting solutions do just what they say, they collect your ad and IAP reporting data automatically from your connections. This way, by the time you get to your desk in the morning, the information is already available for you to start forming into a report.

This saves you valuable time when it comes to data analysis and action. You have to be careful though; choose a solution that collects data from all of your connections. You want to see the complete picture of your performance, not just a fraction. This may mean signing up for multiple demos or trials and assessing which platforms and features best suit your needs. Don’t leave money on the table by signing up for a tool that only gives you a snapshot.

2. Deliver More Reports

It can take hours to generate a single report. Even the smallest publishers have this problem. When you automate your ad revenue reporting process you sift through your data faster than before which result in more (and better) reports.

Look who’s the hero walking into that next meeting! Not only are you making your life easier but you are also giving yourself more value to your company. Talk about a win-win situation.

3. Faster Decision Making

When your reports are laid out for you, you can analyze them quicker than ever before. As a result your company can achieve optimal performance, therefore increasing your retention rates as well.

By ending the wait time between finding a problem and acting on it, you are giving your users the unique attention they need. In the app world this could be crucial, as publishers are constantly trying to keep their user base entertained and engaged with the app.

4. Keep Yourself Organized

With so much information within your data, you can more easily keep yourself organized with aggregation tools. Whether you want to see the whole report or just a specific part of it, it’s all up to you!

5. Stay In Control Of Your Time

This may sound repetitive, but when you automate ad revenue reporting you are ultimately saving time.

Not only does that mean time at work that could be spent doing more valuable things, but your personal time as well. Imagine a world where you didn’t have to work on the weekend just to get all your data ready for analysis! Instead you relax and enjoy your time out of the office.

You have to make sure you get the most for your money when choosing an aggregation tool. According to one of our customers; “Libring takes care of your data in highly robust, accessible and customizable way.” Can’t get better than that, right? To learn more about what makes Libring stand out, visit out website and take a look at our next blog post!


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