Yes, we all know ad tech is complicated. And yes it’s an industry that is constantly – and rapidly –  evolving. But one of the core metrics to evaluate your ad revenue performance remains your average CPM, which stands for Cost-Per-Mille (or Thousand) impressions. After all, ad networks pay you based on the number of times ads are shown inside your game or app.

Of course, each partner is different and provides you with different CPM rates. The good news is that Libring helps you maximize your ad revenue per partner. Our data scientist crew has created predictive algorithms that learn from your past performance to predict your optimal CPM, so you can use it as a base to define your floor prices per ad network.

Essentially, our CPM optimization tool analyses your daily e-CPMs and impressions during the last 14 days. We use Time Series models to forecast the revenue and find the highest revenue level you can possibly achieve and Machine Learning model to calculate the CPM value accordingly. This analysis process is performed for each combination of Connection, App, Platform, Ad Type, and Country Tier.

This enables you to review your floor prices, allocate inventory smartly and maximize your ad revenue.

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