So say you see 3,475,000 impressions on one dashboard and 3,806,050 on another. Why does your Libring data not match up with your ad network reporting dashboard? In this post we’ll share the most common scenarios that may result in data discrepancies within Libring:


data dicrepancies1. Time Zone

At Libring we deal with more than 350 connectors that generate reports all over the world. Reports are made available at different times depending on the partner you use. So keep in mind that depending on the time of the day you are accessing Edge, your data might not be updated yet. 


  2. Data Sources Adjustment Effects

As tends to be the case with data sources, adjustments on ad reporting happen from time to time creating discrepancies and having an effect on your reports. The adjustments typically occur on D-1, D-2, D-3 and D-8.

Libring automatically reprocesses your data to appropriately reflect those changes. But keep in mind that during the window of time in which a network makes adjustments you might see discrepancies. Those will be automatically adjusted as we reprocess your data.


data discrepancies 2  3. Reporting Delay

Another scenario that creates data discrepancies is when a server is down at the moment Libring tries to collect data from a connection. We will then automatically run data collection every hour until it is successfully collected.

Meanwhile we’ll display a message on your connections page for that specific connection stating that: ‘Something went wrong. We will try every hour”.


Libring automates data collection and normalization for App and Web publishers around the world. We give you full visibility of all your metrics in one place to help you understand your monetization performance and take action to drive more revenue.  Find out more about how Libring can help you thrive in the ad tech industry by checking out some of our other blog posts, or by visiting out website.