Have you ever received a revenue report and just been overwhelmed by the amount of information that was squeezed onto each page? It can be difficult to filter out the information you need immediately from all the other information flying around the page. Talk about a headache! You need a way to easily view and analyze your data in order to make essential business decisions. That’s where data segmentation comes in.

One of the features we offer here at Libring is an online pivot table. Before you get all confused and say, “A what table,” let us explain. Our pivot table allows you to segment your data as you see fit. Drag and drop categories into a table so you only have to see the data that is relevant for you in that moment. Basically, it gets rid of all the unnecessary numbers and words.

Data Segmentation: Slice and dice your data to narrow your analysis

Let’s start with an example; you are talking to your boss and they say to you, “Do you happen to know how this specific app has been doing in Brazil this past year?” You stumble over yourself for a moment and respond with “Not off the top of my head, but I can certainly find out! Just give me a moment.”

Now, instead of frantically starting to go through all the revenue paperwork in your desk, you remember that your dear monetization partners at Libring have made it easy for you to get that exact information! You log into your account, drag “app” and “country” down into the table and you have the exact information your boss just asked for! You can even take it one step further and tell him not only how it’s been doing the past year but how it does each month or even day! If that doesn’t make you look good, we don’t know what will.

The best part about the pivot table is obviously that it is customizable. Now you can be prepared for any questions that come up whether you are chatting in the lunchroom or sitting in a meeting. Talk about a lifesaver.

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