When it comes to evaluating and optimizing your monetization strategy, eCPM plays a crucial role. Any small increase in eCPM counts. However, there is one little thing that can make a huge difference: the first impression. 


What is First Impression?

This may seem obvious, but your first impression is literally just the first time a user sees an ad in your app. Like any other first impression you make in your life, this one is important. Think of it like a  job interview, the first impression can be the difference between getting the job or not. Why wouldn’t you treat your app the same way?

Bad user experience can quite literally make or break your app. Take a good long look at your app and think like a user. To ensure optimum monetization and engagement, keep an eye out for ad placement, ad format, ad type and the number of ads a user is willing to watch. 


Soomla’s First Impression Findings

Focusing on the first impression is critical for maximizing your monetization efforts according to a recent report from Soomla that compares eCPMs for first impression and overall.

Released today, Soomla’s Q1 2019 Monetization Benchmarks report found that around the world, first impressions tend to have higher eCPMs on average, and it’s growing. 

In the US, the average eCPM in Q1 2018 was $7.62 while the average for a first impression was $10.69. Even better, the amount for both grew in Q1 2019 with the average eCPM reaching $11.35 and the average first impression reaching $16.03. 


Taking Ad Type Into Account

Soomla took their report a step further by analyzing static and video interstitial ads against rewarded video ads. Buckle your seatbelts, because the eCPM for a first impression rewarded video was almost double that of a regular static or video interstitial in the US. Yup, double. 

It isn’t new that rewarded video performs better however. Futureplay has created a company around rewarded video. They even coined the term “view-to-play” in reference to the importance of ads in their games. 


Make it Good

These days, the average session length of an app is between 5 and 6 minutes depending on the device. Users only see a few ads before they exit the app for the day. 

Our clients at Wooga have found a sweet spot in their in-game advertising of about 2.5 ads per user, per day. This allows the user to enjoy game play while the publisher monetizes. 

Companies like Wooga and Futureplay aren’t alone either. This idea of using ads to the players advantage is showing itself across genres. Casual games also tend to offer rewarded ads to incentivize progression. The cap on the amount of ads shown is up to the publisher. 

Regardless of how many ads are shown, advertisers fight hard for those first impression slots. This makes for an ideal opportunity for publishers. Soomla’s report outlines the ranking of monetization providers based on eCPM and impression share. Companies like Facebook, AppLovin, AdMob and Vungle lead the pack in the US, proving that using multiple partners will bring better results.

You can download the full report here. If you would like to see more about Soomla, take a look at this report.