So you negotiated a Direct Deal with one of your Ad Networks and now they will pay you a Fixed CPM and CPV for a period of time. That’s fantastic! In fact, it will bring great things in terms of additional revenue for your company. However, it will become a hassle for you to adjust the values in your reporting. After all, it adds more time to an already busy work day. Manually adjusting each Ad Revenue amount for that specific deal doesn’t sound like something you want to be doing over your lunch break. This issue just escalates exponentially if you have more Direct Deals with multiple Networks.

We say don’t worry about it! Libring is coming to help you yet again and continuously reduce the amount of time you need to work on your reporting. We’ve just released our Fixed Metric feature for fixed CPM and CPV values. This feature allows you to set all the specific values of CPM and CPV you got from your Direct Deals.

The Fixed CPM and CPV feature is intuitive and easy to use

Libring takes the fixed CPM and the fixed CPV values from your Direct Deals to automatically calculate, respectively, the amount of Impressions and Completions (number of videos watched); and, of course, the new Ad Revenue value. The new Ad Revenue will overwrite the previous Ad Revenue collected directly from the Network reporting.

Like all the other features in our solution, Libring has spent a long time making this new feature intuitive and easy to use. Start with selecting the connection you wish to focus on and the date range you want to view. You can also add some filters to restrict the fixed CPM deal to a very specific set of dimensions. Then you put in the fixed CPM you want to be used. Do the same procedure for the fixed CPV.

Fixed CPM and CPV

The best part? You can do this for multiple connections at once! No need to individually set fixed CPM’s for connections that have the same filters. Time to try out this new feature! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts in how to use it. As always, we are here to make your reporting needs easier.

Happy Reporting!

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