free-to-play appsIt seems like smartphones have been part of our lives forever, but Android and iPhone were first sold to the public in 2007. They aren’t even 10 years old yet! Even younger than that, are free-to-play mobile apps. Within the past decade, companies have been trying to find new ways to engage with their consumers, and mobile apps seem a powerful media for brands to build deeper relationships with them.

Billions of apps are downloaded every day worldwide. Yes, billions. From games to online shopping, apps play a key role in our daily life. Hence, the app economy continues to soar. According to mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion dollars by 2020 in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising.

In the competitive mobile app market, games account for a big share of the pie. On the one hand, game developers are embracing the free-to-play model that is responsible for 95% of downloads and monetizing games with ads has become a dominant business model in the industry. On the other hand, gamers are moving away from traditional medias and are spending more and more time playing mobile games. Now advertisers eager to engage with those consumers are showing a lot of interest in games.

The growth of media in mobile apps has already skyrocketed in the last decade, but it’s still expanding. Advertising alone is expected to top $167 billion by 2018, with about $57 billion coming from the United States. No doubt it is already a very important media option to advertisers and a relevant source of revenue for app and game publishers!

Brands and publishers are working together to build stronger relationships with their potential consumers and create unique experiences. Click through rates aside, impressions alone help consumers get more familiar with brands. With mobile, advertisers can easily expand their reach outside of their home country and to the rest of the world. The United States counts for 35% of mobile impressions, with Asia close behind at 30%.

So the next time you are looking for new ways to get the message out about a new product, try looking into advertising with free-to-play games.



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