Jam CityLos Angeles-based mobile game mogul Jam City has now begun to blast off with Libring! We welcome them to our ever-growing family.

Jam City has become an unstoppable force in the mobile game community, with 6 of their games making it into the Top 100 highest grossing games on the Google Play and Apple App Store. They also took home Facebook’s “Game of the Year” award in 2014 for their game Cookie Jam. We hope they continue to succeed in their future with us here at Libring!

Jam City joins Sega, Zynga, Ubisoft, IsCool Entertainment and Futureplay games, among other great companies, in their endeavour for clear, concise, and customizable ad revenue attribution. For companies looking for a smart ad revenue data aggregation solution, Libring is there to help. With the simplicity of Libring’s Edge, it is easy to see all of your company’s monetization, acquisition and retention data in one place. No SDK is needed to use our solution, you just need to add your credentials and you are ready to go. Libring’s team is also there to help you understand and help things go right!

If you are struggling to integrate with and get reports from a multitude of Ad Networks, Libring can help you. Check us out at libring.com. Request a demo and get a 10-day free trial.


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