TIP #1: Create a Daily Summary with the metrics and dimensions you want to monitor and export your report to a CSV file.

1. Go to the Main Menu, click on Data Summaries. By default all the metrics/dimensions are selected.
2. To edit the metrics and/or dimensions go to the bottom left corner and click the “Show/hide columns” icon

3. From there you just have to remove the metrics that don’t apply to what you are looking for.

Example: Let’s say you want to see your Ad Revenue, Impressions and CPM breakout by Ad Network and by Day. Remove all the metrics and dimensions but the one listed (see image below)


TIP #2: Create customized reports on the online Pivot Table and share them in a public HTML. Just drag-and-drop any dimension and metric you want.

1. Go to the Pivot Table
2. Add as many dimensions and metrics that you want, so you can have a customized table that fits exactly your needs.
3. Share your customized report in a public HTML (see icon below)

Example:  Let’s say you need a Report of your Ad Revenue Sum & Impressions by Ad Network & App.
Drag-and-drop the corresponding dimensions to the table to each side of the pivot table. By Default the filter is set for the last 7 days. If you want to see yesterday’s performance just click on the green filter icon and choose ‘yesterday’. Don’t forget to refresh the screen to update the page.

HTML file of a Daily Report of Ad Revenue & Impressions by Ad Networks & App

TIP #3: Group your metrics by geo location tiers to visualize how your apps perform per region you define

1. Go to the Geo Feature
2. Click on the ‘Country Tiers’ tab in the upper left corner
3. Click on ‘+Add Tier’. Drag-and-drop the countries from the left column that you want to see in your Tier 1. Add new Tiers for more country groups.

Screenshot of the Geo Distribution Page with Tiers Asia and Europe

Example: Let’s say you’ve created two Tiers: Europe and Asia. To see how your apps perform on those Tiers, go to the Report Center and click on the green filter button. From there click on the Filter Country Tier box and choose Tier to then add the Tier you want to see in your report (see image below).

We’ll be back with more tips on how to get the most of Libring Platform. To learn more, check out our other blog posts or learn why you should start using automated reporting.