At Libring, we aren’t just a company. We are made up of people from around the globe, and we may be biased, but we wanted to show you who we are and what makes the Libring Team the greatest crew around! Douglas Teixeira, gives us a look into what it is really like to work for Libring and all the projects he has taken part of since beginning as an Intern with us. Take a look at what our veteran Data Engineer has to say!


The Libring Team Douglas Teixeira

Douglas Teixeira, Data Engineer

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your role at Libring.

A: I’m Douglas, a Computer Engineer at Libring. Currently I’m living in Bahia, Brazil with my fiancé, Débora, who I have been with for the past 15 years. We have a pug named Beto!

I have been working at Libring since the summer of 2014 where I started as a Product Development Intern in Cambridge. I was referred to Marcelo and Libring by the Brazilian consulate in Boston while looking for an internship to complete my Science without Borders scholarship program.

After I finished the summer internship, I returned to Brazil and was offered an extension to continue with the team. When I completed my undergraduate degree at Universidade Federal de Itajubá – UNIFEI, I started working full time as a Junior Developer at Libring.

I quickly moved to work with the rest of the team on developing our online platform. By the time Libring Edge was officially released I was promoted to Web Developer (Full-Stack, which is dealing with all kind of tasks).

After 2 years I started working on the support team as a monitoring coordinator, where I was able to work on improvements of our data collection structure, taking care of data monitoring process, creating new connectors integrations, and helping the team to keep customer data always good. I also spent some time working as a Test Engineer, developing new automated tests for the platform, and helping the team to succeed in QA.

Recently, I was promoted to Libring’s Customer Success Tech Lead. The main goal of our team is make sure our customers are always satisfied with our product. What we value the most is customer data and, in order to keep the data ready to be used by our customers, we work hard on improvements and updates of all connections.

Q: Wow! You’ve certainly done a lot at Libring. What was your favorite project to work on?

A: My favorite position/project at Libring is the one I have right now! I enjoy helping people and being on the Customer Success team allows me and my colleagues to do just that by make our customers’ lives easier.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Libring?

A: The people. Everyone on the Libring Team is extremely nice to work with (and I mean all of them)! Our culture consists of helping each other in order to grow together and with the company.

Q: That’s nice to hear! What do you think makes Libring stand out from its competitors?

A: Commitment. That’s the word. Our team puts the customer first, and we work to make the product the best we can so the user can have the best experience. I think that is the best reason.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: Work. Just kidding! I live in a beach town called Ilhéus, which is a beautiful place to live. Usually, I go to the beach everyday before I start work just to take a walk. I also practice tennis twice a week. But my favorite is watching my beloved soccer team on television, the Corinthians. They are the most successful soccer team in São Paulo city… Go Corinthians!

Thank you, Douglas!