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Mathilde Racloz, Communications Officer at MobileOne, sat down with our CEO, Marcelo Ballestiero, to hear more about what Libring has to offer and what makes us a leader in the ad tech industry. Don’t forget to connect with us at the event in November! Continue reading the interview in English below or click here to read the original article in French.

Monetization and Acquisition: Libring automatically unifies and organizes all your ad revenue and spend data

By Mathilde Racloz. Published on October 3, 2018.

 is a cloud-based solution designed to provide digital publishers with full visibility, transparency and accuracy behind their data . Libring automatically collects and normalizes ad revenue and spend data in one place. Before meeting with the Libring team  at MobileOne on November the 14th and 15th, we sat down with Marcelo Ballestiero, Libring’s CEO, to learn more.

Can you present Libring?

Libring is an online solution for app and web publishers that automatically collects, unifies and organizes ad revenue and spend data from all the connections they use in one place. We provide our users with full visibility, transparency and trustworthy data so they can quickly visualize their overall app performance, understand what is working and what isn’t to take action and reduce the amount of money left on the table.

The ad tech landscape has exploded and digital publishers need to deal with tons of scattered data from multiple partners: ad networks, app stores, mediators, user acquisition, analytics and attribution platforms. Lacking the ability to quickly gather, organize, validate and see all this data is a top challenge for app publishers and prevents them from meeting their growth goals.

At Libring, we deeply understand these challenges. We’ve built a customer-centric solution to empower app companies to be in control of their monetization and user acquisition strategy.

Webedia, Ubisoft, Badoo, Zynga, Next Games, Electronic Arts, SEGA are some of the great companies that trust our solution.

What are the benefits that your solution offers?

We offer a comprehensive solution: fast to set up, easy to use, and accurate. ​Our automated tool takes the burden of executing an operational, boring, and time consuming task off the shoulders of app developers, and grants them more time to strategize.

Libring integrates with all the connections app publishers choose to use. The tool enables them to quickly see their overall performance, and go as granular as they want to extract insights and optimize revenue.

No SDK is needed to start using Libring, and users can easily add and remove connections. Once their entire stack is plugged, they can quickly see their performance and concentrate on increasing their results. They can easily export data or retrieve it via our Reporting API to feed their BI system.

By speeding up this process, our users increase the frequency of their analysis, and get actionable data to tweak and refine their monetization and user acquisition strategy as many times they need to.​ With the data provided by Libring, our users can easily figure out opportunities to grow. At the end of the day, we help our customers increase revenue.


How does GDPR affect your functioning, processes or habits?

Libring worked hard to fully comply with GDPR. ​Besides, data protection and privacy have always been a fundamental priority at Libring. Our business model was built around the pillars of transparency and privacy. We gain consent from our customers to collect their data on their behalf and we keep it safe and private. Those are, in fact, some of the reasons why our customers choose us over competitors.


How do you see the evolution of mobile advertising in the coming years? What are the essential innovations in this sector?

Mobile devices play a key role in users’ lives. It is no accident that mobile advertising is driving most ad spending growth worldwide. According to​ ​Statista​, by 2020 global spend on mobile advertising will hit $186 billion and will account for 66% of Internet ad expenditure.

This ecosystem has entered a new era of complexity. Costs for user acquisition are skyrocketing, and with thousands of releases each day it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract users’ attention and stand out in such a competitive market.

Mobile advertising began with banner ads, and thanks to technological advancements, it has evolved into more engaging experiences for users. Now we are seeing mobile video ads (playable ads, native and rewarded videos) getting bigger and bigger, as they come with the promise of higher user engagement and conversion rates compared to traditional ads.

According to eMarketer 54% of US internet users prefer to ​watch ads​ in exchange for free content (while only 16% will pay for content so they don’t have to see ads). And that’s great news for free-to-play app developers looking to get their share in the pie.

I would say that the trends (and recurrent themes) in this industry are transparency, ad fraud, AI and​ predictive analytics.

Transparency goes without saying: the more complex the industry, the more need for transparency becomes obvious. ​Moreover, it will help reduce the shocking number of $6.5 billion in Ad Fraud stolen by scammers via advertisers in 2017. A​I and predictive analytics can help create better and more effective ads and get rid of irrelevant ads that push consumers to use ad blockers. New technologies that are also coming up, such as virtual personal assistants, will certainly redefine how we create and interact with ads. Both from a user acquisition and from a monetization perspective, publishers who gather better data and master analytics stay ahead of the curve. And that is where a solution like ours comes in handy!