Monetization efficiency is the name of the game here at Libring. From the smallest game developer to the big name companies dominating the mobile app charts, Libring helps online publishers optimize their monetization strategy with efficiency and peace of mind. Our view of efficiency? Helping customers to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

At Libring, we work hard to design solutions to save you time (and money). We want to help you maximize the results of each ad network, optimize ad revenue and achieve maximum efficiency. “Our customers achieve efficiency by being able to get the data, collect it and organize it in a way that they can easily interpret the results. Libring solutions enable online publishers to take their data further. They can customize the reports on the fly to optimize their strategy and adjust it accordingly to maximize results,” explains Todd Wildman, CTO of Libring.

Easily Retrieve All Your Metrics With Libring API

Libring gives you full visibility of your monetization performance, transparency, and accuracy. It empowers your team to make the right decisions and concentrate on creating and maintaining awesome apps.

After all, if you really want to make money within the ad tech ecosystem, you need to use multiple ad networks to sell your inventory. But as a result, you have the burden of aggregating and maintaining all of the APIs. That is where Libring also comes in. With its single Reporting API, online publishers can quickly and easily get all their data clean and organized in one place, despite the number of partners they have. This is just one of the ways we reach from monetization efficiency.

But don’t take our word for it. Game analyst Camilo Fitzgerald recalls his life with Futureplay before the introduction of Libring:“Maintaining, collecting and normalizing revenue and spend data from tens of network/store APIs would be a full-time job. Libring takes care of this in a highly robust, accessible and customizable fashion.”

Cesar Mufarej, co-founder of Fanatee Games, states that Libring empowered him to add more ad networks to his Ad Stack and to create a customized mediation structure that resulted in an instant 40% revenue growth. Here’s an interesting case study you can download. 

Helping customers find trends and even abnormalities in their revenue is another significant benefit that the solution provides. Just like Jeb Balise, general manager of Crosswords With Friends at Zynga, explains: “We…use Libring to help us to report internally and also to look out for dramatic shifts that could mean a bug or an ad partner changing their fill rate which we need to be on top of.”

Make Data More Accessible Across your Company

Libring displays your metrics in easy-to-understand dashboards. Our friendly UI/UX design makes data more digestible across your organization so people on the executive level can quickly see how the apps are performing in a presentable dashboard.

Our automated solution also offers tools to help you nail down the specifics of your apps. Libring’s online pivot table allows you to go granular and run any cut of data you desire for your analysis.


They say to work smarter, not harder, and monetization efficiency is the first step. Here at Libring, we help you do just that. You’ve heard from our clients. How about you give us a try? Schedule a free trial and stay ahead of your competitors!