So you had a great idea for an app. You put in all the hard hours and finally got to the finished product and it has launched worldwide. But how can you monitor your monetization performance all over the world to ensure you are still keeping up revenue? That is where Libring can help. We offer online solutions specific to monetization optimization in order to help your company manage the serious things. Because we all want to focus on the more fun aspects of creating mobile apps.

Take a look at some of the features you get when you become a client at Libring:


It can be frustrating to have to log into your account just to see if your performance is dropping. With the alert system, you can set up which metrics you wish to be alerted about and get notifications sent to your email directly! Talk about a time saver. So the next time your average revenue drops below 5% within 90 days, you’ll know without having to think twice about it.

Report Center

An easy and fast way to see and share your information with everyone in your company! You can set up the report to view what is important to, by separating the data by country, app, etc. This creates an instant and clean image that everyone can understand and see all that matters in one place.

Pivot Table

Creative and customizable, you can pick which metrics and dimensions you want to view by just dragging and dropping them into the configuration area! Now it’s quick and easy to see which apps are doing the best in which country, and how much money you are making from certain devices! What could be better for monetization optimization than that?


This is Libring’s newest feature. Compare the performance of your apps among different Ad Networks or mediation platforms, so you can tell where you are getting the most money. This information can help you make important decisions for your company’s revenue.

Account Management

This one is a little simpler; you can manage your account settings so certain employees have access. This level of privacy is important to Libring. It’s your information after all and it will not be seen by anyone you haven’t given permission to. This will save you time when it comes to meetings and decisions. You can even limit what each associate sees. Have someone who really only works on one app? You can make it so they only see the one! Pretty cool, huh?

Here at Libring, we want you to make the best out of your app company. By making things easier for you we are helping you focus on what’s more important: your monetization strategy. Log onto our website to request a free demo today. Get a 10-day free trial.



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