Check-out the top 4 monetization trends for 2018 we’ve learned during Pocket Gamer Connects that took place in London on Jan 22-23:

Rewarded video will continue growing

Rewarded Video is a growing format both in the supply side as well as in the demand side. Also known as opt-in video ads, more and more brands are using this ad format as it has the ability to capture the audience’s attention. As a publisher, to make the most of your rewarded ads strategy, you need to make sure that the offers are limited. Otherwise you risk cannibalizing your IAP (in-app purchases) revenue. The consensus is to display 4 to 5 ads per user/per day.

Playable ads are getting more attention

Playable ads come second in the preference of users, after rewarded video, and are quickly becoming a growing way of promoting games. A recent survey conducted by AdColony points out that 46% of app publishers are more excited about playable ads in 2018. It has high CTR (Click Through Rate), and players can test the mobile game before downloading it, ensuring that you get more loyal players.

Advertising competitors on your game is not a bad thing

Avoiding ads in your game is not going to stop players from finding new games. Here is what you need to understand: are competitors’ ads stealing your audience away? Monitor the eCPM and churn caused by a competitor advertiser. The Finnish game studio Futureplay Games conducted AB tests on rewarded video and found no measurable decrease in retention across a range of genres. So our advice is: give it a try!

More publishers will embrace Header Bidding

Header (or advanced) bidding has been a hot topic among digital publishers as it can improve transparency, control and drive more ad revenue. Our client, game studio Fanatee, experienced an immediate 40% ad revenue growth after implementing an advanced bidding strategy (download the case study here). BTW, pulling consistent data daily and getting an accurate reporting is critical to determine which of your partners are providing the most value to your game and optimize your results. We say: rethink the waterfall mediation!

2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for mobile game advertising! Keeping up with your revenue is all about trying new formats, monitoring results and fine-tuning your monetization efforts. Are you ready for 2018?

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