We love being able to add new connections to our solution! There are already over 350 connectors integrated into Libring, so you know your bases are covered. But if you run into a situation where you don’t see one of your partners, don’t fret! We are adding new connections all the time, and it’s free for our customer

In the past few months we have added some new companies we wanted to introduce you to. Check them out:

Tappx – Advertising

Tappx is an ad tech programmatic platform for mobile and OTT/CTV. From a monetization perspective, Tappx focuses on optimizing CPM. They target audiences with tailored ads and connect to hundreds of other ad networks, DSPs and mediation tools. If that isn’t enough for you, they monetize in over 190 countries and have an average quarterly revenue growth of 80%!

Soomla – Attribution

Soomla is a platform that gives app marketers, monetization managers and product teams the ability to make data-driven decisions. They do this by offering a range of tools to monitor the impact of ads. One big thing they point out however, is that they can help in identifying ad whales. Yay!


Affle – Advertising

Affle is a consumer intelligence driven mobile marketing platform. Their goal is to enhance marketing ROI and drive acquisition and engagement. They offer a “twin monetization platform” that utilizes DMP (Data Monetization Platform) and SSP (Ad Inventory Monetization Platform) to give their customers a complete stack.

What is a complete stack? Well, Affle says it consists of header bidding, fast servers, dynamic marketplaces, a unified demand manager, yield maximizing tech and a single view dashboard for native, display and video ads. Sounds good to us!


Clearbid by Ubermedia – Mediation

Clearbid is Ubermedia’s pre-bid platform. They have proven success for app publishers. Customers can connect all their pre-bid demand in one platform with full transparency. They also show a 22% yield increase on average. Pretty cool.


YouAppi – Acquisition

YouAppi is a growth marketing platform offering a 360 mobile advertising. Their products? UA, Brand Video, Rewarded Video, Re-engagement and Social.

On the monetization side, they offer a lightweight SDK and all major ad formats in order to help optimize your ad revenue.


Beachfront – Advertising

Beachfront is a video ad platform that helps publishers grow their video business with market-leading video SSP. Their products allow customers to distribute and monetize content across devices.

As a mobile-first platform, you can be absolutely sure that your mobile users will receive nothing but a high quality experience! What more could you ask for?


ByteDance – Advertising

ByteDance provides global platforms for creation and interaction. They strive to empower people to discover and create a world of content with technology. Machine learning is at the root of all ByteDance does, which allows their customers to find content faster and optimize its lifetime.

It’s also worth mentioning that their platforms span over 150 markets and are available in 75 languages.


UberAds – Advertising

UberAds has a deep focus in optimization. With behavioral data, predictive analytics, and a best-in-class campaign manager, they connect to hundreds of demand and supply partners to give customers the best advertising and analytics experience possible.


These are just a few of the over 350 platforms connected to Libring. If you don’t want to miss out on the traffic potential out there, you may want to consider spreading your inventory across multiple data sources to maximize your profits.

Libring makes it easy to add (and remove) any partner you may have. That way you can explore different supply sources and keep those that are more valuable to your business without going through the pain of integrating and updating APIs.

Ready to add new connections to your account? Log in to get started! If you don’t have a Libring account yet, you can request a free trial and add your connections to see your very own metrics reporting daily.