Collecting and aggregating ad revenue reporting from multiple Ad Networks, SSPs, App Stores, Mediation, and Analytics platforms can be a tedious and complex task to manage. Not only does it take a lot of time to put together reports in different formats but there is also an inaccuracy risk associated. Not to mention what a nightmare is, on the top of that, integrating SDKs and updating APIs!

Spending your limited time in non added value tasks such as collecting performance measures doesn’t seem wise when you should be focusing on strategy and performance.That’s when Libring, an automated revenue reporting aggregation solution, comes in handy!

Libring connects with ALL the partners you use and allows you to see your data clean and organized in seconds!

To address pain points and enable agility on many levels, our smart all-in-one revenue reporting aggregator solution collects data automatically from almost 250 data sources.

Getting the data into Libring’s solution is fast and easy. No SDK is needed. You just enter your partners’ credentials and the system starts collecting your data automatically. There is a broad list of topics we carefully manage. Updating APIs automatically is just one of them. You can find  out more here!

Our features have you covered: track your app performance, detect revenue leakage, and fine-tune your strategy

Once the system starts collecting your app and game data you are able to see it in the Report Center. You can also track the performance of your apps and games broken down by metrics and dimensions to make data–driven decisions at the most granular level. Just drag-and-drop the data you’d like to analyze to the online Pivot Table to create customized reports.

The Alerts feature helps you to quickly detect any variation on your results. You just need to define the event that will trigger an alert. You have the option to get email notifications every time a metric meets a specific condition.

Identifying revenue leakage is a simple task with Libring’s solution. The Audit tool allows you to compare the performance between two ad networks or between ad networks and ad mediators.

Libring also allows you to visualize the metrics broken out by country or per region you define on a world map. The Geo feature makes it easy to adjust your strategy based on the local performance of your apps.

Maximizing your app and game ad revenue is painless due to Libring’s optimization algorithms. We’ll help you find an optimal CPM and identify areas where you are leaving money on the table.

You can also easily retrieve your data using our Libring reporting API. You’ll instantly have access to your organized data via user interface or via REST API so you can track all your events to understand how they influence monetization.

Here at Libring, we want you to make the best out of your mobile app company. Having the right tools to give you control of your monetization performance is a critical step to grow results. Want to know more about us? Request a free trial today and get on your first step on the path to better monetization. And discover the brilliance of an ad revenue reporting aggregator.