SSPs Connections

We just published a brand new eBook all about 20 of what we think are some pretty amazing Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)! We know that you are busy, and whether you are just starting out and looking for a way to monetize with ads, or looking to take your monetization performance to the next level, we have you covered!

By taking all the hard work out of researching these SSPs, we are freeing you up to make some really valuable business decisions. Each SSP has a break down of headquarters, ad formats, geographic targets, platforms, as well as a peak at the different metrics and dimensions that are available within the Libring platform. Pretty handy, right?

While we have only highlighted 20 Supply Side Platforms in the book, Libring has connections with over 300 and we are still adding more! That is just one of the many perks on being a Libring customer. So what are you waiting for? Download our eBook! Maybe when you are done you can come back and schedule a demo to see your connection in action.

Happy reading!

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