GDPR is coming into force next week. There are tons of articles out there talking about the subject. The last thing we want is to bog you down with yet another post about what it is and how you can comply. So, we are taking a different approach. We have decided to take some articles we found most interesting about the GDPR and its side effects to the publishing industry and compile them into a single post for your reading pleasure.

1. Digiday

GDPR is affecting companies from all over the world. However, Digiday is digging into the report released by IAB last month which targets how the law will affect the ad tech industry.

The framework released by IAB is intended to help publishers and ad tech firms navigate the tricky field of collecting and using people’s data. IAB released a second framework after receiving complaints that the original was not transparent enough as to how publishers and firms will be able to actually use people’s data.

The updated framework now states that “vendors [will] disclose to publishers and, by extension, to publishers’ audiences if they’ll use the data collected from someone visiting a publisher’s site to target them with ads on other sites or apps, or to personalize the content they’re shown on those other sites or apps.” (5) They are given 5 purposes they can claim when doing so.

An official framework won’t be released by IAB until after the GDPR takes effect on May 25. You can read the article in full here.

2. IAB

Tagging onto the last one, but here is the framework on GDPR Transparency and Consent by IAB, courtesy of GitHub. You can learn all about IAB itself, as well as shift through the different sections.

You may want to take a look at the ones on Mobile In-App CMP, Mediation SDK and Ad Network SDK.

3. AdExchanger

If you are struggling to get ready by the time GDPR takes effect next week you are not alone. This article by AdExchanger talks about how even the GDPR law regulators aren’t ready yet!

Seventeen of 24 EU regulators surveyed by Reuters say they don’t have the necessary funding to enforce the law.” (1) Yikes! Without the proper funding, these regulators will only be able to respond to reports of violation. The process of getting ready to scout out companies with violations and have them fixed before any problems occur could take months.

You can read the article in full here.

4. ExchangeWire

I’m sure we have all heard about the exorbitant fines for any violation of GDPR rules. However, ExchangeWire doesn’t want us to forget about the other consequences that GDPR is bound to bring once it is put into effect.

They list a total of 10 unintended consequences they foresee in the coming months, starting with strengthening to “duopoly” of Facebook and Google (who control 80% of the digital market) and weakening the companies in the remaining 20%. Most people say that the GDPR was born to control these empires, however this ExchangeWire writer believes that the opposite will occur.

A little further down the line comes the effect on programmatic and display. “Drops in programmatic video could be as much as 40% on some platforms.” Gasp! That’s a large drop… especially when video advertising was just getting good.

Read the rest of the consequences here.


5. TechBeacon

We all love our apps, and it would be heartbreaking to discover that one of them was not complying with the new GDPR rules. Don’t fret, TechBeacon has come up with a 15 step guide to becoming and creating compliant apps! Our heroes.

Find the complete step-by-step guide here.


Whether you are finished updating your policy or waiting until the last possible minute to make those final adjustments, hopefully this guide will help you comply and avoid that fine. We will all need a drink when this is over. Cheers!