Whenever we speak with clients and potential clients, we listen carefully to ensure that we are taking into consideration all of their needs. We do this because we strive to offer the best automated reporting solution on the market. With this feedback, we constantly update our features to make them even better!

The latest update to the Libring solution comes to our Alerts feature. Before, alerts were used to compare data over a set benchmark time period. This allowed our clients to constantly be monitoring their data, whether it be over a week, month or quarter.

However, we recognise that this isn’t always the case for comparison. Sometimes it is more beneficial to compare higher performing days week to week. So, we’ve added a new field to our benchmarks timeline: 7 Days Ago.

This new benchmark travels with your data as a moving window. Everyday in the week will be compared to data received, you guessed it, 7 days ago. This opens up a whole new realm of analysis. Goodbye static comparisons! If you know for a fact that your users are more active on Saturdays, you can now compare today (Saturday) to Saturday of last week.

In addition to this new benchmark, you can now deselect the Safety Window that was previously applied to every alert.

The Safety Window gives a 3 day buffer in comparison (D -3), to ensure that all the reprocessing automatically done by Libring to guarantee adjustments on the metrics will be properly included and your data is as accurate as possible. With the option to deselect it, you can be alerted by the data that is freshly aggregated to your account in D -1. While the adjustments from your connections may not be taken into account yet, you can now see a rough idea of your performance and make any emergency changes necessary.

Nothing has changed for the overall set up of your alerts, so just keep doing what you were doing. But let’s walk through the process with these new updates: Say you want to monitor your ad revenue and DAU week to week. The alert is set up in the same way! If ad revenue drops more than 10% but DAU fluctuates less than 1% you want to be alerted.

The alert will now monitor your data every day for these fluctuations. When the alert is saved, you can input the email you wish to have notified if these conditions are met. This way, there is no need to sign into your account every day to see it! Though you can if you want to, we won’t mind.

If you want to make your alert even narrower, you can still filter for dimensions like country tier, or add additional metrics like ROI, viewability, fill rate, impressions, etc.

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