Advertising on mobile is the most popular way to monetize free-to-play games. In fact, mobile usage has nearly tripled since 2008, which makes advertising in apps even more effective than ever. While some apps have adopted paid models for players who want to opt out of being shown advertisements, others are using video ads to their players advantage and making them an integral part to the game play experience.

Video Ads

Video Ads ave been dominating the market in the past few years. In fact, 46% of viewers reported that they are more likely to take action when viewing a video ad instead of a pop-up. Even brand-association has shown to increase by over 100% when a video is viewed. Developers are taking this knowledge to heart and are now creating incentives for their players to watch these ads.

Rewarded Video

Rewarded Video allows an ad to be displayed and in return the game player gets a reward, like coins to use in the game store or being able to revive their character. Not a bad trade off right? 71% of players prefer watching videos in order to pay for in game content. Actively engaging users in the advertising experience has taken the world be storm. Not just through rewarded video but also through another form of video advertising called Playable Ads.

Playable Ads allow viewers to experience a little snapshot of a game before they download it. Many developers insert ads for upcoming games into their current games to introduce players to more games or apps that might interest them. This is a push for more downloads and the possibility of a higher retention rate. While video ads are great, they can’t be shown all the time and some apps may not have the layout to play them regularly. That’s where banner ads come into play.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads hang out at the top or bottom of your screen and they are one of the best ways to advertise. Think about it: Banner ads sit there as a user is playing or scrolling through the app, they don’t take up that much space and developers are gaining money just for it being there. Ultimately banner ads are a win-win for advertising on mobile and are not as intrusive as pop-up or video ads. What could be better? These kinds of ads are particularly great for social media or shopping apps where users can see ads that are similar to what they are interested in. This also makes users more likely to click on them.


No matter what ads pop up on your player’s screen, Libring is here to help you collect and normalize the data that comes along with it. Our solution provides a series of features to help view your data as a whole or separate it into any specific metric you require. This easy viewing experience is essential for the ever-changing mobile market and will make your monetization experience a breeze.