Case Studies


Leading companies around the world use App Annie Libring to aggregate data and automate reporting. Learn how we help our customers stay on top of their performance and grow revenue!


Futureplay Case Studies

Ilyon's formula to grow: an efficient monetization strategy and Libring

Ilyon Games monetizes its engaged audience mainly through ads and IAP.  Learn how Libring, in conjunction with an effective monetization strategy, is helping them grow.

Futureplay Case Studies

Find Out How Futureplay uses Libring to Optimize their Monetization Model

To run an effective View-to-Play model and optimize results, Futureplay Games needs to get the ad revenue attribution picture correct. Find out how Libring is helping them achieve their goals.

Webedia Case Studies

Webedia records a significant increase in game revenue with Libring's help

Paul Le Bas, Monetization Manager of Webedia’s apps and games, shares how they’ve increased their revenue and CPMs beyond expectations with the help of Libring.

Fanatee Case Studies

Learn How Libring helped Fanatee to Increase their Ad Revenue by 40%

With almost 1 billion impressions served over the course of 2017, Fanatee saw over a 40% growth after creating an in-house mediation structure based on header (advanced) bidding.