Data Insights At Your Fingertips!

Our SaaS reporting automation solution is fast to set up, easy to use, and accurate. Libring empowers you to take action to maximize revenue.

Understand Performance

We automatically collect and organize all your data in one place. See your overall performance, instantly. Break metrics by ad network, platform, country, app, ad format, and more. Libring allows you to add up to 4 custom dimensions.

Go Granular. Get Actionable Data.

Drag-and-drop your metrics and dimensions on our powerful online Pivot Table to analyse data at different levels of granularity. Create ad hoc reports on the fly and share them with whomever you want.

Spot Discrepancies

Technical issues can lead to lost impressions along the way. With our Audit feature, you can easily spot any mismatches between metrics reported by a mediation platform and those reported by an ad network that goes through it.

Stay on top of your performance

No need to be logged in 24/7 to monitor your results. Libring allows you to create alerts and get email notifications every time one or more metrics meet a specific condition so you can act faster.

Export and Share Made Easy 

You have multiple ways of retrieving and exporting data in real time: via Libring Reporting API, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 or CSV files. You can also share whatever you want with whomever you want.

Limit Access to Biz Partners

Control your data by granting limited access to your business partners, while giving them the best online reporting experience. Need a white label report? You’ve got it!

 Get Access to User-Level Data

See the sources of your ad revenue with Libring LTV API. Get access to user-level data and develop more accurate LTV models to create precise approaches to drive more revenue.

We keep your data private. It’s yours after all!

Libring is 100% GDPR compliant.

Libring not only saves us a lot of time – indeed one of our precious assets – but it also empowers us to make decisions that result in significant revenue growth.


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