Analyze Advertising and Monetization Performance in a Seamless Interface


Aggregate and organize all your scattered partner data in one place. With App Annie Libring’s seamless data reporting tool you can gain quick access to accurate data and granular insights. Want to know what we mean by certain terms? Visit our glossary to find out!

Fresh Data from over 400 Partners

Seamless credential-based access to Ad Platforms, Mediation, App Store, Acquisition, Attribution and Data Cloud sources

Analyze Monetization and Ad Performance

Assess connection data with granularity across both sides of the advertising ecosystem in an intuitive dashboard

Visually Track Reporting Trends

Access chart trends and customized header stats for the metrics and dimensions that matter

Pivot to Compare Revenue

Pivot across metrics and dimensions by sum, average, and percentage change to identify areas for growth or divestment

Seamlessly Normalize across Dimensions

Stay ahead of partner classification discrepancies by bulk editing dimensions or creating custom rules for newly ingested data

Customized Insights across Partners

Unified timezone data collection, inclusive look-back windows, revenue adjustments and custom calculations to fit your needs

We keep your data private. It’s yours after all.

App Annie Libring has become an integral part of both our monetization and acquisition strategy. I use the Pivot Table and the Report Center as a source of truth. We love the product. We love the team!

Mark Beck

CMO, Tripledot Studios