Get PubMatic data with Libring in seconds. No installation needed!

Libring deeply understands the unique challenges digital publishers face to collect, organize and analyze the vast amount of data coming from their ad tech stack. We automatically aggregate and normalize data from all the connections you use in one place. We save you time, help you understand performance and maximize results.

PubMatic is a programmatic advertising solution. Adding the PubMatic connector to Libring is easy. You just need to enter your credentials and we will immediately start collecting the last 30 days of data. See your metrics organized in an efficient dashboard, instantly!

The data coming from the PubMatic API is:

Dimensions Metrics
Ad Format ID Clicks
Ad network Group ID Defaults
Ad Network Variant ID Lost Bids Amount by Auction
Ad Size ID Lost Bids Amount by Block List
Ad Tag ID Lost Bids Amount by CBLK
Advertiser Category ID Lost Bids Amount by DWLF
Advertiser ID Lost Bids Amount by Floor
ATD ID Lost Bids by Auction
Campaign ID Lost Bids by Block List
Channel ID Lost Bids by CBLK
Cookied Lost Bids by DWLF
Country ID Lost Bids by Floor
Creative ID Lost Bids Total Amount
Date Measured Impressions
Deal Meta ID Non Zero Bid Received
Domain ID Non Zero Bid Responses
DSP ID Paid Impressions
Fold Position ID PB Impressions Bot
Hour PB Impression Net
Mob Device ID Flag PB Impression Non Approved
Mob Device Type ID Viewable Impressions
Mob Geo Source ID Phantom Bids
Mob Lat Long Flag ID Revenue
Mob Make Model ID SS Expected Revenue
Mob OS ID Suspicious Impressions
Month Total Bids Requests DSP
Platform ID Total Impressions
Publisher Deal ID Total Lost Bids Adv.
Section ID Total Lost Bids Atd.
Secure Status Total Lost Bids DSP
Site ID Total Requests
Video Client ID Video 25% Count
Video Error ID Video 50% Count
Week Video 75% Count
Advertiser Video Clicks Count
Time Unit Video Complete Count
Time Stamp Video Error Count
Pub ID Video Event Count
eCPM Bucket ID Video Impressions
PB Reason Video Start Count
TLD ID Winning Impressions
TLD Rule Index Value
Rule ID Spend
Rule Meta ID Total Requests
Ad Tag ID Paid Impressions
Ad Tag Clicks
Platform Revenue
Ad Format Viewable Impressions
Ad Size
Publisher ID
Site ID